Ana Tajadura-Jiménez


I was born in Madrid, Spain, where I studied Telecommunication Engineering at the “Universidad Politecnica de Madrid”. In the last year of my degree, I entered the ERASMUS program and came to Sweden. In CHALMERS I attended the International Master’s Program in Digital Communication Systems and Technology. I started my doctoral studies in 2004 at the Biomedical Engineering and Telemedicine Group (GBT) in my home University, in Spain. At the same time, I begin to work at the division of Applied Acoustics, at Chalmers, taking part in the POEMS project, which aimed to optimize, both technically and perceptually, the design of virtual reality systems with a high sense of spatial presence and ego-motion.

In 2006 I became a PhD student at the department. At the present moment, I am taking part in the PRESENCCIA project, which contributes to presence and virtual reality research in Europe.

My research focuses on the role of emotions and cognition in media experiences. Emotion and cognition are approached from a perspective of embodiment, which emphasizes the idea that the body is strongly connected to the information processing. In line with this theory, my studies focus in events perceived as occurring in a peripersonal space and searches for external cues which can contribute to the self-representation (versus object- or others-representation). Special attention is being paid to auditory-induced emotions even though contributions of other sensory modalities (tactile, visual) to the affective media experience are also studied.


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