Anders Sköld

AndersSI was born in 1976 and grew up in a small village about 50 km outside Gothenburg. I started to study for a MSc in Automation Technology in 1995 at Chalmers, but took a break after two years to to give some time to my big hobby, music, and went of to a music school for one and a half year to study violin, Swedish folk music and violin pedagogy. When I got back from that I started I found my way to Applied Acoustics and started to take some courses here and finally made my masters thesis here in collaboration with Volvo Car Corporation. During my Masters thesis work I decided that I wanted to go for a PhD, as a continuation of masters thesis work. I presented my Ph.D. in May 2008 with the title “Integrative Analyses of Perception and Reaction to Information and Warning Sounds in Vehicles” Between 2008 and 2011 I worked at Saab Automobile.

Currently I am employed as Expert Acoustic Consultant at ÅF Sound and Vibration in Göteborg, Sweden


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