Daniel Västfjäll

danielv2I came to the department of Applied Acoustics at Chalmers University in 1997 after finishing my M.Sc. in psychology at the Gothenburg University. Since I am interested in human auditory perception and evaluation (I am a musician and a psychologist), moving to Chalmers to learn more about psychoacoustics was a great opportunity. In 1997 I started to work as a doctoral student in the field of product sound quality (see below). In 1998 I also started my doctoral thesis work at the department of psychology, Göteborg University (see this page  for an overview on my research and publications in psychology). Since then my research has spread to various aspects of emotion, psychoacoustics, human hearing and multi-sensory perception.

I obtained my first Ph.D. in Psychology from Gothenburg University in 2002 on a thesis titled “Mood and preference for anticipated emotions” and my second PhD in Acoustics from Chalmers University of Technology in 2003 on a thesis titled “Affect as a component of perceived sound and vibration quality”.

Since my dissertation in May 2003 I have been involved in various research activities working towards obtaining the ‘Docent’ title at Chalmers. I have focused on emotion reactions to sound, measuring emotion, and developing emotional guidelines for sound design.

Since 2003 I have given courses on statistics and experimental methods, emotion, and perception at Gothenburg University. I am the main lecturer in the course “human response to sound and vibration” that is a part of Applied Acoustics’ masters program in acoustics. In addition, I have given a number of doctoral courses on binaural hearing, emotion, and statistics. I have supervised roughly 30 master theses at GU and Chalmers.


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