Pontus Larsson

PontusL_liten2I studied electrical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden and obtained my M. Sc degree in 1999, with a thesis on “Sound quality of Dolby Prologic systems in cars”. Shortly after, I started my doctoral position in the Room Acoustics Group, led by Prof. Mendel Kleiner, at the Department of Applied Acoustics, Chalmers and worked with teaching and research on Virtual Acoustics, auralization, psychoacoustics, sound quality and auditory-visual interaction in room acoustic perception. In 2005 I obtained my Ph D with a thesis entitled “Hearing, Seeing and Being: Room acoustics, Presence, and Audiovisual environments” (opponent: Dr. Durand R. Begault, NASA Ames, CA). Between 2005 and 2008 I held a position as an assistant professor when I continued my research on multimodal interaction, presence and virtual acoustics. During this period, I conducted research also on sound design for automotive applications, partly in collaboration with Volvo Technology and Volvo 3P (Product Planning and Product Development), and worked as an acoustic consultant with room acoustic measurements. In 2008 I started my current position at Volvo Technology within the Human Factors group and has since been working with sound design and technology for Driver Vehicle Interfaces. Besides Emoacoustics,  my main research interests include psychoacoustics and sound design, multimodal interaction and auralization/3D sound.

Within the area of Emoacoustics, I am interested in how emotions and affective reactions can be used both in the design and evaluation stage of auditory interfaces for vehicles. Related to this is the investigation of how basic sound design parameters such as  pitch, loudness and tempo affect emotional response. I am currently developing the software “EarconSampler” which is a simple tool for designing earcons (short sound snippets used as feedback, information and warning signals and in Human-Machine Interfaces) which also  predicts affective reactions to the earcons.

Applied Acoustics
Volvo Technology


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